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A Missions Minded Church

GRAPHE Independent Bible Baptist Church exists to obey the Lord's command. And one of those command is to make disciples of all nations. That is why GRAPHE Baptist Church is missionary minded. Our missions is focused upon church planting, because that is what the Lord came to do. He came to build churches. We believe Christian activities should be centered upon the local church instead of bypassing it.

Therefore, GRAPHE support men who are planting churches. The main way we are doing this is through our own (Graphe International Theological Seminary) graduates. These men and women have our confidence, because we know their quality and commitment to the cause of Christ. Below is a list of our graduates who are starting or have started churches under the support and supervision of Graphe Batist Church. If you happen to live nearby their location, please know that the same uncompromised truth is being preached close to you. Please take advantage of a sound biblical church within your area, and be part of the church building process.





Ev. Mekianser Kase Church planting Nanga Pinoh HP 0822-45385776
Ev. Bobi Koro Church planting Atambua HP 0813-80983184
Ev. Alur Lase Church Planting Pontianak, Desa Kapur HP 0812-98713038
Ev. Farioawosa Buulolo Church planting Nias Selatan, Amandraya HP 0821-98384514
Ferisman Tafenae Church Planting Cibinong, Jawa Barat HP 0823-68098919
Ev. Deniasa Zebua Church planting Gunung Sitoli, Nias HP 0813-8754072


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