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Academic Programs

GITS is commited to producing competent servants of God, both in areas of personal lives, and also academically. To achieve that goal, GITS prepares various curriculums to meet the different needs of each student. Our complete array of programs allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs and resources.

Undergraduate Degrees

Certificate of Theology (36 credits)
This one year program is for Christian lay activists who wants to have better knowledge of Scripture for personal use.

Associate of Theology (72 credits)
Lay Christian leaders, Sunday School teachers, and other Workers in teaching and leading positions will greatly benefit from this program. Designed for two years of study, students can usually take this program at a leisurely pace.

Diploma of Theology (108 credits)
A full three year program, the Diploma of Theology degree is bestowed upon students who desire more training than can be given in a Certificate or Associate degree, but do not want the full load of the Bachelor program.

Bachelor of Biblical Study (B.B.S. 136 credits)
This balanced program focuses on biblical courses, mission, and pastoring, and is just the right undergraduate degree for serious students preparing for the ministry, who do not want to pursue Biblical languages study.

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th. 136 credits)
The B.Th. is similar to the Bachelor of Biblical Study in its emphasis on the Bible, mission, and pastoring. However, this program adds Biblical languages into its curriculum. It is slightly more rigorous, because students must pass first year Greek with acceptable grades.


Graduate Degrees: Master

Master of Ministry (M.Min. 172 credits*)
If you already have an undergraduate degree, but needs a course to refresh, refill, and recharge you, this program is the right tool. Designed for the busy minister, this program does not demand Greek and Hebrew studies, but concentrates in counseling, pastorate, and theological studies. Graduates must write a dissertation.

Master of Biblical Study (M.B.S. 172 credits*)
The perfect way to continue from the B.B.S. or the B.Th., this master’s course prepares you for full time ministry, either as pastor, missionary, evangelist, or any other ways of serving the Master. Students will be taught Greek and Hebrew, and are expected to be able to use them in exegesis and thesis writing.

Master of Divinity (M.Div. 232 credits*)
A classic three years degree for those who wants comprehensive training, the M.Div. is the main program of choice for those with secular undergraduate degrees who are called into the ministry. Graduates will be skillful in Biblical languages as well as trained in full-fledged thesis writing projects.

Master of Theology (M.Th. 246 credits*)
The master of theology is the highest master’s degree, and participants are those committed to intense and rigorous academic training. As a result, graduates will obtain the best theological training. This is Biblical scholarship in action. Exegesis in Biblical languages, in-depth historical studies, and theological synthesis will color this thorough program.

*The credits for the graduate programs include the undergraduate credits


Graduate Degrees: Doctorate

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min. 256 credits**)
This third-strata program focuses on ministry in the local church. Candidates must be serving in a local church and will continue to do so after the program. Theology will be studied but always with an eye toward practical application in a local churh. Candidates must write a dissertation project and finish a ministerial project.

**The credits for the D.Min. includes the undergraduate and master's credits, and will be reviews for each doctoral candidate, taking into consideration the candidate's past academic record

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