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Take Part!

You can make a difference in the lives of these orphans by donating to PEKA Foundation. PEKA Foundation is the organization, supervised and authorized by GRAPHE Baptist Church, to run the BECAUSE OF LOVE orphanage.

There are various ways to help. Prayer is of course very much needed, and we thank our supporters who pray for us everyday. Another way to help us is by visiting us, and cheering these children up. Some people bring snacks or other donations that they no longer uses, but is still in good condition, such as clothes, school books and tools, toys, and others. You can also help by giving certain things that the orphanage might need at the moment, such as beds, book racks, etc., which you can find out by calling us. Lastly, you can help us by donating money, as the children needs it especially for their schooling. Thank you for whatever help you can give us.

You can donate by:

  • Credit Card (PayPal)

  • Bank Transfer:

    Bank Name: Bank Central Asia
    Account Holder: Yayasan PEKA (PEKA Foundation)
    Account Number: 007 36 3131 6
    Swift Code: CENAIDJA
    Office Branch: BCA Sunter Mall
    Address: Jalan Danau Sunter Utara Blok G-7 III No. 1 - 2, Jakarta 14350

    Bank Name: Bank Mandiri
    Account Holder: Yayasan PEKA (PEKA Foundation)
    Account Number: 120 009 80 80 786
    Swift Code: BEIIIDJA
    Office Branch: Sunter Paradis

  • Visiting Us:

    BECAUSE OF LOVE Orphanage
    Jalan Danau Agung 2 No. 7
    Sunter Podomoro, Jakarta Utara, 14350

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