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How We Got To This Day

Graphe Independent Biblical Baptist Church began on the 25th of June 1995. At that time, Dr. Suhento Liauw have just returned from USA to Jakarta after finishing his doctorate degree. He came back to Jakarta with the conviction that God has called him to start true New Testament churches in Indonesia.

First service of GBIA Graphe
GRAPHE Independent Bible Baptist Church at its first service in July 1995, attended by 25 people

On that Sunday, 25th of June 1995, Dr. Suhento Liauw gathered his friends and family, and held the first service. Twenty-five persons attended and Dr. Liauw explained to them the reason why they must start a new church. There is a lack of Independent Baptist churches that will stay true to God’s Word in Indonesia, and Dr. Liauw is called of God to start those kind of churches. Only a fraction of the twenty-five people were committed, and Dr. Liauw invited them to join him, and they became the nucleus of the young church.

In her first year, Graphe faced many difficult challenges. Many existing churches in the area did not like a new arrival, and did what they could to oppose Graphe. The fact that Dr. Liauw exposed their errors did not foster sympathy. However, God was constantly protecting and nurturing the church. The young church had to move six times in the first two years, before settling upon its present location.

Church building
GRAPHE church building on its 5th anniversary, year 2000

Through the years, Graphe has grown. God has added souls to the church to strengthen it. Each new soul in Graphe is an additional soul to be ministered unto, and also an additional soul that can minister to others. God has also graciously given Graphe many diverse ministries, such as a Bible College, an orphanage, and a radio station. The challenges have not been few. There were constant attacks, both from outside, and from inside, but God, who owns Graphe, has guided, protected, and led Graphe for His glory.

Current GRAPHE church building

May the years ahead prove to be the best yet to come, as Graphe strives to keep God’s Word and to preach it boldly.


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