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"Because of Love" Christian Orphanage

As Christians, we should be filled with compassion and kindness. Christ teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are to be different from this world, we should love our enemies, and do good to those who curse us. Our Lord teaches us to help those in need. Indeed, it was because God first loved us, that we know of love and can show love to others.

Of course, however, Christians do not want to be cheated and abused by lazy people or charlatans. Many people live in poverty because they live in sin and has no planning whatsoever. Many people lead a difficult life because they spent away their former wealth in gambling and various vices. Even among widows or widowers, some are in a trouble because they did not live wisely.

Not so with most orphans. Orphans suffer primarily not because of their own fault. It was not their wish to be born. They never planned to be orphans, neither did they plan to be brought up in a family full of suffering.

Truly, among many groups of people that needs help, orphans rank very high. That was why GRAPHE created the PEKA Foundation. PEKA stands for “Pelaksana Kasih Allah,” or in English “Applicators of God’s Love.” And it is this PEKA Foundation that started and manages the BECAUSE OF LOVE orphanage.

We encourage you to take part, together with us, in financing these orphans, so they can have schooling, and hopefully one day can serve the Lord and be effectively used to glorify His name.

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