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Other Projects

Our current long term project right now is the Remnant of Biblical Christianity (RBC) complex. God has graciously provided us with some land, located about 40 kms from the city of Pontianak, to be more precise at J. Trans-Kalimantan Km 50, Kalbar. Please pray with us for God's guidance in this matter, local reception, and the funds necessary.

In this RBC complex, we have Remnant International Theological Seminary (RITS), a part of Graphe International Theological Seminary, Jakarta. We also have Remnant Junior High School and Remnant High School. In addition, we house some 20 children in Ci Xin (Gracious) Orphanage. This location is also becoming more popular for Retreat destination, thanks to its hill and water, and strategic location. May all glory be to God's name.

West Borneo

Some facts of West Borneo from wikipedia:

Capital Pontianak
Area 146,807 km2 (56,682 sq mi)
Population 4,073,304  (2004)
Density 27.7 /km2 (72 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Dayak (35%) Sambas (12%), Chinese (9%), Javanese (9%), Kendayan (8%), Malay (8%)
Religion Islam (57.6%), Catholic (24.1%), Protestant (10%), Buddhism (6.4%), Hindu (0.2%),others (1.7%)
Languages Indonesian (official), Malay, Dayak, Chinese dialects of Hakka and Teochew


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