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GRAPHE Publishing House

Publication is a form of permanent and long-term ministry. Oral teaching will only last as long as the memory that holds it, but books can be stored for decades and even centuries. Through the written pages, a ministry gains longetivity and and unlimited amount of audience. The doctrinal teaching that a local church like GRAPHE Baptist Church publishes will be teachings that have undergone argumentative tests. Tested doctrines, cherished by pastor and members are preserved in writing and distributed without borders or time-limits.

Since the beginning of GRAPHE Baptist Church, our literature ministry has been one of our main strength to teach truth to those who are far away and physically remote from GRAPHE’s ministry. Through his books, Dr. Suhento Liauw has led many people to the truth. Many who previously went to church without any born-again experience has thanked him for opening their eyes to the light of the true Gospel truth. Not a few members of heretical churches have been guided to the true saving Gospel, and they who assemble in unsound churches have been enlightened to see their errors.

Besides publishing the works of various theologians in GITS, GRAPHE Publisher also translates various high quality biblical books. GRAPHE Publisher wants to support the academic activity of GITS so that young fundamental theologians in Indonesia can have materials to support them in arguing with Liberal or New-evangelical theologians.

To know the quality of GRAPHE Publications, you need to read some of our books. How you will proceed is your choice, but we are sure you will be addicted with the logical, systematic, and biblical explanations. Contact us for those books!

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