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Pearls of Truth

How valuable is truth? God's Word admonish us to "buy the truth" and "sell it not." Although we may not have to pay dollars for truth, truth is the most valuable commodity there is. And sometimes, to hold a truth, one must pay terrible prices. Persecutions and trials throughout the centuries have confirmed this. But those who know the truth, know that it is all worthwhile.

Here in Radio Berita Klasik, we value the truth above all. Therefore, we present to you, the "Pearls of Truth" series. This is a series of exposition, by Dr. Steven E. Liauw, of the Old Testament. This series explains biblically, theologically, and practically, every chapter of the Old Testament, starting from Genesis. Not yet finished, Dr. Steven Liauw has preached through Exodus.

Below are some of the series in the "Pearls of Truth." All the sermons are in Indonesian language.


1. Genesis Chapter 1
2. Genesis Chapter 2
3. Genesis Chapter 3


1. Exodus Chapter 7
2. Exodus Chapter 8
3. Exodus Chapter 9


1. Leviticus Chapter 1
2. Leviticus Chapter 2-3
3. Leviticus Chapter 4-5

Besides downloading these files from our website, for those of you residing in the Greater Jakarta Area, you can enjoy these sermons every Monday through Friday, at Radio Berita Klasik, AM 828 kHz, starting from 21:00 to 22:00.

If you wish to obtain these sermons in a CD (MP3 format), you can contact us, or go to Graphe's Bookstore.


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