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BECAUSE OF LOVE orphanage, a project of the PEKA Foundation under the supervision and authority of GRAPHE Independent Bible Baptist Church, has the following policy regarding admission of children into its care.

Several categories of children will be considered when applying for admission into the BECAUSE OF LOVE orphanage. These categories are listed in order of importance and priority.

  • Orphans without father and mother.
  • Children without either father or mother, and the surviving parent is not able to raise the child(ren).
  • Children whose parent(s) has a permanent debilitating illness, which disables the parent(s) from raising the child(ren).
  • Children of full-time Christian ministers who cannot raise the child(ren).
  • Children in special conditions needing immediate help.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race or religion. We accept children from any religious background, but we reserve the right to train the child according to the Bible.

BECAUSE OF LOVE orphanage was started with the purpose of sheltering orphans and teaching them to know the Lord Jesus personally, and to love Him, so that when they grow up, they may be called to return His love by serving Him.

Servants of God have been produced by this orphanage, and some have even become teachers at GITS (GRAPHE International Theological Seminary). Our wish is that they may lead a fruitful life of service for the Savior, and therefore repay the faith of the many donators of this orphanage.

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