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Way of Salvation

Do you know that the most important matter in a person’s life is not about things in this life? Yes, that’s true. The most important thing in a person’s life is the matter of the after-life, that is, what happens after that person dies. Why is that the most important? Well, because we only spend, on the average, about 60 to 80 years of time in this life, but we will spend eternity somewhere after we die. Sixty to eighty years is nothing compared to eternity. That’s why your existence in eternity is more important than your life today. How about you? Have you settled this most important matter? Do you know where you are going when you die? Would you want to know how to get to heaven? God’s Word tells us how. Read on.

God Created Man, Heaven, and Hell

The first step toward salvation is the belief that God exists. The writer of Hebrews said that those who do not acknowledge God’s existence, cannot call upon Him (Heb. 11:6). The whole universe screams that there is a God who created. If you were to find a watch upon the sands of the beach, what would you think? Did the watch happen by itself, through years upon years of wave action upon the sand? Of course not, you would think that someone made that watch, and somehow left it there. Well, the universe is much more complex, designed, beautiful, and purposeful than a watch. The whole world, the intricate human body, the laws of physics, all point to a grand designer. And that designer is God.

God created everything, including man. That means, God owns man. Man must live by God’s rule, in fact everything in the universe must do so, because God is the sovereign Creator. Heaven, is also God’s creation. It is desribed as God’s abode, not because God takes residence like humans do, but because heaven is the place where His presence and glory is most manifested. To get to heaven, therefore, we must follow God’s instruction, and not human whims or ways.

The Obstacle to Heaven: Sin

When God first created man, He named him Adam, and his wife was named Eve. They were created perfect and holy. Adam and Eve, did not have any problem fellowshipping with God. However, everything changed shortly after their creation. They sinned. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, they can no longer approach God the way they did when they were sinless. God is holy, and as such is unapproachable by sinful creatures. We see here the obstacle to God, that is sin. A sinful man or woman, cannot enter heaven, because the God of heaven is most holy, and cannot tolerate sin.

In fact, the sinful person not only cannot enter heaven, he or she must go to hell. Hell is also God’s creation, but it was not originally meant for mankind. God created heaven for rebellious angels, or demons (Mat. 25:41). However, any man or woman who is sinful, must suffer the punishment of sin in hell (Romans 6:23).

The Universality of Sin

So, every sinner is under punishment of death and hell. But next, before one can be saved, one must realize that he or she is a sinner. God pronounces that every person in this world is a sinner (Romans 3:23). Whether you like it or not, you are a sinner too. A sinner is not only limited to bank-robbers, muderers, or adulterers. A sinner is a person who has transgressed one law of God. Transgression in one area of the law of God is transgression of the whole law.

The Solution for Sin

There is only one solution for sin. Since God is a most just and holy God, he cannot wink at sin. He also cannot take back His word that sin must be punished with death. God cannot just let sin “slide.”

Many have attempted to solve sin with various ways. Man’s way of solving sin is by trying to appease God with good works, or rituals, or self-affliction. These are never good enough for God though, because good works cannot annul God’s rule that sin must be punished (Isaiah 64:6). Therefore, the only solution for sin is punishment.

When all seems lost, and the entire human race seems destined to hell, God gave a way of salvation.Only God can save man and restore the fellowship that was broken. All of man’s self-effort will not suffice.

God’s way of salvation must not conflict with his rules and nature. God is still most holy and most just, besides being most loving. Therefore, God sent Himself, Jesus Christ, to be born by a woman, become a man, God-man, and lived among men. This happened in the first century A.D. Jesus, the God-man, walked upon the earth and lived a sinless life, because He is God. He performed miracles to prove His deity.

After the time came, Jesus then gave Himself to be crucified. Many were jealous of Him, and readily put Him to death. He did not fight back, because He came to earth with the express purpose of giving His life. When he died upon the cross, He did not only experience physical death, but the wrath of God upon all the sins of the world was poured upon Him (Isaiah 53:3-6). Therefore, on the cross, Jesus took the punishment for the sins of the whole world upon Himself (1 John 2:2).

The Way of Salvation

Jesus died upon the cross for the whole world. His sacrifice of Himself was pleasing and acceptable to God. Therefore, the way of salvation for man was completed. Jesus cried on the cross, “It is finished,” referring to the way to heaven for man (John 19:30).

Now, God demands, that those who wants to be saved, that they must repent of their sins and believe in Jesus Christ. He must acknowledge himself a sinner, agreeing with God about the status of his sin and he must look to Jesus and call out for Jesus to save him (Romans 10:13). If he does that, Jesus will save him, and His sacrifice upon the cross will be counted upon him. Jesus’ righteousness will be imputed upon him, and he will possess eternal life (John 3:16; 1 John 5:13).

The Decision

Friend, today you can find salvation. The most important and valuable thing in life can be yours. But you must repent of your sin, and accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. Why don’t you do that now and today? Please bow your head and pray to Jesus, acknowledging your sinful condition, and accepting His free gift of salvation.

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