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Through The Bible

"Through The Bible" program is a Bible exposition program by Dr. Suhento Liauw. Starting from the gospel of Matthew to the Book of Revelation, Dr. Liauw explains the Bible. His explanations are easy to understand, yet are filled with the deep things of God's truth. He is thoroughly biblical, upholds the absolute infallibility of the Bible, taking a literal, dispensational, approach to the Bible. This program was originally aired in Radio Berita Klasik, AM 828 kHz Jakarta, from Monday to Friday, 06:00 to 07:00.

Now you can download samplings of the "Through The Bible" Program, a verse-by-verse exposition of the New Testament by Dr. Suhento Liauw in MP3 format. These sermons are in Indonesian language.

    1. Matthew Chapter 1
    2. Matthew Chapter 2
    3. John Chapter 1
    4. Revelation Chapter 1

Dr. Liauw have preached on every chapter of the New Testament in "Through the Bible." The complete "Through the Bible" can be obtained at Graphe's Bookstore. Contact us!

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