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The Truth That Sets Free

"The Truth That Sets Free" is a daily program of Radio Berita Klasik, AM 828 kHz, Jakarta, featuring a series of sermons, an hour everyday. These sermons proclaim vital truths that every person needs, in a logical step-by-step manner. The first sermon is about acknowledging the existence of God, and then after that, to realize that the Bible is Word of that existing God. This leads to the proclamation of the way of Salvation according to the Bible. For those who have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ, there is a sermon about the proofs of being born-again, and also about choosing the right church. These sermons have become a great blessing to so many people. The truths of the Bible are presented clearly and argumentatively, asking every hearer to give serious thoughts to life's greatest truths. You will surely be blessed by "The Truth That Sets Free," and will even want to share these with as many as possible. Sermons are in Indonesian language.

These are the sermons of "The Truth That Sets Free":
1. Why I Believe God Exists by Dr. Steven E. Liauw
2. The Bible Is God's Word, The Only One by Dr. Suhento Liauw
3. The Bible As God's Word by Dr. Suhento Liauw
4. How To Get To Heaven For Sure by Dr. Suhento Liauw
5. The Way of Salvation by Dr. Suhento Liauw
6. Proving You Are Born Again by Dr. Suhento Liauw
7. Looking for The Right Church by Dr. Suhento Liauw
8. Discussing Calvinism by Dr. Suhento Liauw

Besides downloading these files from our website, for those of you residing in the Greater Jakarta Area, you can enjoy these sermons everyday, through Radio Berita Klasik, AM 828 kHz, every 10:00 and 18:00.

If you wish to obtain these sermons in a CD (MP3 format), you can contact us, or go to Graphe's Bookstore. The CD is sold for Rp. 25.000.


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